25.05 | 11:00>16:00 | Peace rally

On Thursday May 25th, a peaceful gathering, « Peace Rally", will take place in Rue de la Fusée - 1130 Brussels, close to the new NATO buildings where a mini-summit will be held with members of the Transatlantic Alliance. Meanwhile, we invite you to join us at this Peace Rally, which will be the place to build a NATO Counter-Summit, in joy, legality and good humor! Program: concert of "Comme un Lundi", live news, workshops,...

This Peace Rally is a space for free expression on the refusal of NATO, wars, nuclear weapons, the arms trade, disastrous consequences for the populations, for the environment,... Children, personal initiatives and musical instruments are welcome !

NATO is the most aggressive war machine in a world where peace is urgent. The message to governments is clear: NATO must be dissolved!


11:30 - Workshop of origami "1000 birds of paper against the nuclear’’
12:30 - Meditation Workshop
13:00 - Concert « Comme un lundi »
13:30 - Workshop of origami "1000 birds of paper against the nuclear"
14:00 - Concert « Comme un lundi »
14:30 - Stand up with the Standings Rock
15:00 - Free Podium

How to get there?

Rue de la Fusée - 1030 Brussels : Bus : 12, 21, 45, 65, 69, 80 / Trams: 32, 55, 62 / Train line 26 from the SNCB

Attention! Check for any (possible) changes on the website of the STIB and the SNCB

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