On May 25th, head of states and governments from around the world will meet in Brussels for a NATO summit. This will be the first time Donald Trump visits Belgium and Europe. We want to show him clearly that he is not welcome.

However, it goes further than that. Trump embodies policies that show no respect for fundamental human values or for the planet. Other world leaders suffer from the same disease. During each NATO summit, they push for more spending in arms in the military and in investing in border patrols and walls to keep refugees out par
exemple – souvent les gens n’ont pas conscience qu’une politique – refugees that they create through their wars. Meanwhile, what we really, urgently need is to invest in social and environmental policies.

On 24 May, at 5pm, in Brussels, we will be marching for peace and against all wars, for the defence of the environment and of our planet, for the defence of humans rights for ALL, regardless of gender, for the fight against sexism, racism and all forms of discrimination.

A wide platform of associations will support this march in order to unite our efforts.


17:00 - Gathering at Brussels Nord
& speeches with Ann Wright, Standing Rock activists (more to be announced)

18:00 - Protest march

Meeting point
20:00 - Concert with Jaune Toujours and Orchestre International du Vetex


The StopNATO2017 Team invites to gather at 17 PM at the Proxiumus
lding at the North Station (see map). Here is the meetingpoint
with all the international guest. We will provide posters, banners, flags
that can be used during the demonstration. 




If you have ideas to put forward, or if you wish to take part in this march,
please contact us at [email protected]

Official call of the protest 


06+13.05 Action Training

peace camp


25.05 Direct actions