Peace Camp

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From Sunday 21 May to Friday 26 May, there will be places for people taking part in the counter-summit to sleep, meet and share learnings and experience.

Do not hesitate to visit this site for more updates. If you would like to make a proposal for an activity, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Support and recovery

In addition to the legal team and the medics, there will also be a Support & Recovery team at your disposition during the action days. The S&R team is here to support you when dealing with emotional or mental reactions after experiencing high-stress situations, such as (police) violence or repression. We provide info on possible reactions and practical tips for a good recovery. Have you experienced stressful situations or do you know someone who as? You can find the S&R Safe Space at the Zinneke or ask the medics/legal team for our contact info.

Important! S&R team will be at your disposition on Wednesday 24th, Thursday 25th and Friday 26th.


Accommodation will be specified at the Zinneke.
In order to organize your accommodation we need you to register as soon as possible >
[email protected]

Just let us know how many people you will be, alone or with others. (It is not necessary to make a nominative registration, we mostly need the number of people). Bring your sleeping bags, tents, some cutlery, ... Thank you!


We can inform you that the activities and workshops will take place in:

Zinneke vzw
Place Masui, 13
1000 Brussels

-Transportation : stop MASUI
Bus 47- 58
Tramways 3 - 62 - 93
- On foot, 16 minutes from Gare du Nord (North Station)
- By car, search via the following link:

Contact: [email protected]



06+13.05 Action Training

peace camp


25.05 Direct actions